Thursday, September 29, 2016

Adventures in Malta

Hey, guys! This April we went on a 5 day vacation to Malta. It was very exciting - every day we got to a different interesting destination on the island - and I also got a chance to meet some fascinating animals. Our apartment was right next to the beach and there was a very cool bay with loads of crabs, sea snails, tube worms and even squids (I managed to catch one and the result I got was pitch-black clothes)! But my main goal was to catch one special snake (of 4 species total in Malta) - the Black Whip Snake.

Veined Rapa Whelks (Rapana venosa). Found those two in the bay alongside some crabs, shrimp and other cool critters.

My brother Fifo's crab buddy

I managed to meet this beauty face to face at the terrarium department of the Malta National Aquarium. 

European Chameleon (Chamaleo chamaleon). I was chasing an Ocellated Skink when I accidentally pushed this guy off the leaf he was standing on. At first he was green, but quickly changed to gray and then to black.

Close-up of the same individual (I mean the chameleon, not me. :P).

My sister Linka was the happiest of all. On the day before we got here I promised to find her a chameleon. Glad I was able to fulfill that promise.

The little bugger attracted some curious tourists who had never seen a chameleon. I had no choice but to answer their questions before releasing him back where I found him (across the road).

Last day on Malta. While we where waiting for our flight, we went to visit a very cool Chinese-themed garden filled with Wall Geckos (Tarentola mauritanica mauritanica), where I finally caught an Ocellated Skink (Chalcides occelatus). This is the only picture I have of it, so please don't mind my idiotic grin and admire the lizard 

And now, here's the crown of our trip - a young male Black Whip Snake (Coluber viridiflavus carbonarius). This is the only snake I caught on Malta, and it was exactly the one I was hoping for! I was "scavenging" the garden for probably an hour or so when finally was rewarded with success. At first he was very bite-y, but soon he got bored of it and honestly, I didn't care. In fact, for at least five minuets after I found him I was so excited that I sounded like a 10yo girl. :P

I told you he was feisty! 

My sis with her favorite plush owl, admiring nature while the snake is biting her ears (it's under her hair). :P

And so, our amazing journey to Malta ended with a blast! It was very fun, educating and most of all, successful. 

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  1. I looked like a 5 year old girl walking around with a plush owl and a snake in her year, but I loved it 😂