Back With the Alfreys: Part 2

 Took me a little while, but here's part two of our adventure! :)

Part 2:

 Soon after my first visit at Shipka for the year, Dylan's family invited me over again. The first time wasn't anything special, but this time was expected to be different. Cuz on the day before I left, Dylan called me, saying he stumbled upon a dead Caspian whipsnake in the lake. The news had me very excited, for the Caspian whipsnake is my all time favorite snake. I was, of course, sad when I heard it's dead, but that means there is a chance of us finding a live one.

 After I got off the bus, me and Dylan went straight to the lake, not wasting even a second of daytime. It was the end of the mating season for the Asculapian snakes, so I had the chance to catch my first adult one!

A very sad sight, especially for me, was seeing my favorite species dead. Last time Archie, Dylan's little brother, spotted a very large snake near the lake. We couldn't catch it, but we assume it's highly possible it was the same snake as this Caspian.

I guess the poor fella got stuck in a net some lazy idiot threw in the water... :/  

Also had the chance to take a few shots of this rare prince!

Great Peacock moth, dead. Gabrielle (who, to my surprise, was still around) had found it a few days back.

This cutie-pie followed us for a little while on the way home. While I, as a cat person, was rambling about how cute it is, Dylan was making sure the whole village knows dogs are better, and Gabe was just standing there awkwardly. XD 


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